Lake Garda Sport Activities


Torbole is recognized as one of the best Italian race fields, and has nothing to envy to the great international sailing circuits.
Torbole sul Garda is a locality with many sailing clubs where everyone can take advantage of the great services offered by them to spend an unforgettable experience on the beautiful Lake Garda.

Sailing Club Torbole
(Circolo Vela Torbole)

The notary trentino Morghen affixes his signature on June 23, 1964. It is the birth of Circolo Vela Torbole. Recognition by the Federazione Italiana Vela arrives in early October of 1967 announced by the daily "Alto Adige" in its edition dated 17 October. It is the official entry into the world of rivalry and competition, where Torbole will write memorable pages with the organization of world championships and competitions of the major european and national olympic classes. Famous olimpic skippers here will prepare their most significant victories as Luca Devoti, Dodo Gorla, Diego Romero, the last victorious Italian team, like the gold medal of Jesper Bank and Jochen Schumann, and many others.

Sailing Club Arco
(Circolo Vela Arco)

Arco also has its portion of the Lake: the mouth of the Sarca Valley between the municipalities of Torbole and Riva. A limited territory for extension, but certainly to consider between the pearls of the entire coast of Garda Trentino. Here is located the Circolo Vela Arco, whose particular position allows those who practise nautical sports movement under favourable environmental conditions.

Sailing Club Riva
(Fraglia della Vela Riva)

Sailing is philosophy of life. The motto of the Fraglia is "Tegneghe duro" (to resist). For most people who like sailing, the primary function of a boat is to bring her crew nicely fun. Therefore sailing before being a sport is delight ...

Sailing Club Malcesine
(Fraglia della Vela Malcesine)

The northern area of Lake Garda is the best you can ask to practice the sport of sailing. The town of Navene is located four kilometres north of Malcesine and hosts the new headquarters of the "Fraglia Vela di Malcesine". This nautical club among the oldest of Lake Garda, has always had among its members some of the most qualified sailing champions: Flavio Scala, Mauro Testa, Roberto Benamati (already world champion in the class "Star")